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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to tie a knot that lies straight and flat:

Everyone is always in search of a perfect knot, whether it be for a card, a scrapbook page or a special package. Here it is! You're (k)not going to believe how easy it is either! For the purpose of this tutorial, I'm wrapping my ribbon around a coaster, but you'll be able to do this on sturdy paper if you need to. I'm using a ribbon with a deffinate front and back so that you'll be able to follow easily.

1. Bring the right-hand side of the ribbon across your surface and then turn it back under itself at a right angle, aiming away from you. (It will resemble the letter "L".)

2. Bring the left-hand side of the ribbon across your surface and turn it back under itself at a right angle, aiming it toward you. The two ends should be intertwined.

3. Pull snugly to tighten it up. You will have the letter "T" now.

4. Hold the center knot snugly and bring the top end of the ribbon down to the right.

5. Still securing the center knot, bring the bottom end up and to the right. The two ends will now be crossed.

6. Take the end that is aiming up and tuck it into the hole created where the two ribbons cross and start to pull, turning the ribbon slightly to position it so that the correct side of the ribbon is showing. Pull tight enough to secure and trim the ends. Viola!! Easy right? After you do this a few times, you'll never forget how to do it again.