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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Make a paper lantern with only 3 supplies!

Here's how to make a fun paper lantern. It's easy enough that my 3 year old helped make it! Here are the three things you'll need:

12 pieces of 1x6 cardstock (I used double sided but it won't make any difference if you don't)
about 12" of ribbon or string
a hole punch

1. Punch a hole near the end of each strip. You may need to use the first punch as a guide to line up the rest. If needed to fit ribbon, make a series of holes in a line. Repeat on opposite ends so that each strip now has a hole at both ends.

2. Thread the ribbon through one set of holes so that all 12 paper strips are lined up. (If you use double sided paper and want to flip every other one for variation, now is the time to do it.)

3. Tie a knot in the ribbon on the side that you want facing out when the lantern is finished.

4. Bring the ribbon up to the other end of the stack and thread it back through to the opposite side. Be careful not to twist your ribbon.

5.Carefully bend paper into a "U" shape and secure with one hand while you tie a knot where you want the paper to stay.

6. Start to fan out the paper strips evenly to form the lantern shape. If you think it needs to be more round or more oblong you can adjust your knot accordingly.

7. Ta-dah! A paper lantern!

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