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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Easy and Elegant Lampshade for a Wineglass

Here's a really simply way to make a great table centerpiece!

You'll need:
A 12x12 Sheet of Vellum
A Dinner Plate
A Coffee Mug or Drinking Glass
A Pencil
Sticky Strip

If you'd like to emboss an image on the lampshade, you'll also need:
Embossing Powder
Heat Tool

1. Trace half of the plate onto the vellum.

2. Place the mug halfway onto the sheet, centering it to make a half-donut shape with the plate being the outer ring. Trace it also.

3. Cut the half-donut shape out of the vellum.

4. If you'd like to emboss, do it now. If not, skip to the next step.

5. Run a piece of Sticky Strip along one edge of the lampshade. Hold shade together to check the fit to your wineglass. You don't want any vellum sticking up above the lip of the glass. If it does, trim it now so that you don't have a fire hazard. Peel the remaining paper off the strip and adhere it to the opposite side of the shade.

6. Put a tea light in the wineglass and set the shade on top. The glow at night is lovely! (Please don't leave this unattended!)

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