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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stamping in 2 Colors & Omitting

Lots of new stampers don't know the small tricks so I figured I'd post some every once in a while just to bring everyone up to speed on the easy stuff. I'm going to show you how to stamp one image in two colors and also, how to omitt part of the image. I'll do it all in one project.

You'll need:
2 Markers
A Stamp with some detail

1. Lay the stamp on it's back (rubber up). Color, starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest. Huff on it once or twice to remoisten the ink before stamping your image. Stamp.

2. Clean your stamp well so that no ink residue remains. This time ink only the part of the stamp that you'd like to show up on the paper. (I left out the flower here.)

3. Stamp image. You should have a void where there was no ink.

4. Fill in the void with markers. Or, you can stamp another image there (a word would look nice).

Omitting makes it look like I've used 2 different stamps where I've used only one! Your possibilites are endless!

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