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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Customize Ribbon to Match Your Project

Here's a great way to custom-color your ribbon to match any project! It's really quick and super easy to do. There are a few different ways to color your ribbon; this is the least messy one. Others include reinkers, ink pads, heat tools....yadda, yadda, yadda. This one can go from start to finished on your project in about 5 minutes. You'll need:

Pastels (Mine are SU Stampin' Pastels)
Sponge Dauber
A length of Grosgrain Ribbon in a nuetral color (I used cream, but white is an option)
Spray acrylic sealer

1. Load up your sponge dauber with pastel color. You'll see how much is needed as you go.

2. Liberally apply the color to the ribbon, using a side-to-side and up-and-down motion to be sure it gets good coverage. If it doesn't get even coverage it will look splotchy.

3. You may choose to color the opposite side also. I used a slightly different shade in the same color family so that once my bow was tied it would have the depth of two colors.

4. Blow off any excess pastel dust and take the ribbon outside to spray it. Just a quick spray (not at close range) to coat it will be enough. The ribbon will have a bit of stifffness to it now but will still be pliable. Let dry for about 60 seconds and tie it onto your project! (If you sprayed too much you'll have to let it dry for longer before using it.)

To see the rest of this card being made, look for the tutorial Watercoloring With An Aqua Painter.

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